Walter Herrmann

Walter Herrmann

18″ x 13″ x 11″

Value: $1500
silent auction


Growing up in a small western Pennsylvania town, as an only child, was an amazing beginning to Walter’s art career. The freedom to roam, explore and create anything his mind could conjure, set the precedence for who he is and what his work has become. Walter’s youth was filled with building earthen forts, rock hunting, building small dams in the local creeks, and so much more.

Throughout his teens and college years, Walter began to focus on his career as an artist and while he still felt invigorated by nature, he longed for the city. After graduating from college, he made his move directly to Columbus, Ohio. The perfect choice to have a symbiotic blend of both a big city and country mentality. This meld of culture and region has allowed him to not only create work in his studio, but also venture off into wooded areas to pursue his passion for large scale earthworks.

Now 40, and having spent half his life in a rural setting and the other in an urban, his new works are a symbiotic blending of geographic influences. You will find the architectural elements of his everyday life worked into and made from the natural environment in which it resides.

As this concept evolves, the goal is to create visually intriguing environments, which stimulate the thoughts and emotions of the viewers, as they utilize the space for their own pursuits and passions.

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