Todd Buschur

Todd Buschur

“The Signs”
12″ x 24″
Acrylic on canvas
Value: $650

Hayley Gallery


Todd Buschur received his B.F.A. from Bluffton University in 1989 and an M.A. in Studio Art from Antioch Midwest in 1998.  He also studied at The International School of Art in Italy where his studies at the school developed a profound and lasting impact on his work.  Todd has been an art instructor at Graham High School for the past 29 years.

“Currently, I approach the process of painting as a form of prayer and worship to a Creator much greater than myself,” Tom says. “It is through my daily interactions with people and nature that I receive the greatest inspiration to paint.”

“Often I wish to paint the joy, peace or wonderment I have felt after being in a certain place or moment.  Furthermore, these moments often come in nature where I can quiet myself and see the beauty that is all around me.  Consequently, through these quiet times, inspiration comes to me and as a result the painting begins to take shape.  As the painting evolves, I am sometimes led in a different direction than my original intent.  For this reason, the physical act of painting is simply my response to the world around me. ”

Todd is represented by the Hayley Gallery in New Albany, Ohio. His piece “The Signs” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of his work at



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