Tiffany Lawson

Tiffany Lawson

“Nickel Bags Of Funk”
3′ x 2′
Dryer sheets, shredded paper, mesh bags, cotton rope, hemp twine, burlap
Value: $7,500


“I am a testament of the efficacy of community arts programs,” says Tiffany Lawson. “Being involved with several arts programs that aligned me with frequent trips to galleries and museums across Ohio, and local influences such as Aminah Robinson, Grandpa Smokey Brown and Richard Duarte Brown fostered in me a genuine affinity for creativity.”

Tiffany has lived in Columbus, OH her entire life. She is a graduate of the Ohio State University, a professional mixed media artist; moonlighting in the municipal courts.

“My creativity seeks to reimagine history, culture, race and gender through examination and empowerment. Centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection; I have embraced wabi-sabi; acknowledging: ‘nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.’ Transformation is also a common theme in my work, whether it be repurposing found objects or exploring symbiotic relationships, paradigm shifts and identity. Wabi-sabi has helped me to establish a limitless view of the world, permitting mistakes and experimentation in my work.”

Tiffany’s piece “Nickel Bags Of Funk” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of her work on Instagram @100m_art_studio.



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