Stephanie Rond

Stephanie Rond

“What Does a Campaign for Love Sound Like?”
30″ x 10″
Hand-cut stencil, spray paint, paper on canvas
Value: $800

Sharon Weiss Gallery


Stephanie Rond is a Columbus based street artist whose colorful, feminist work can be seen on walls around the world, both inside and out. An award-winning documentary has been created about her art. The film, Tiny Out Loud, studies Rond’s gender-gouging street art and dollhouse art galleries.

“My artwork explores gender roles and the accessibility of art. I challenge the traditions associated with both indoor and outdoor spaces. My character, “ghost girl” shows women and girls as positive role models and active citizens, combating the typical objectification of females in advertising.”

Stephanie’s piece “What Does a Campaign for Love Sound Like?” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of her work at



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