Stacy Leeman

Stacy Leeman

9″ x 9”
Oil Paint on Canvas

Gallery Affiliation: Sharon Weiss Gallery
Value: $500
silent auction


Stacy Leeman earned her MFA from Rutgers University. She holds a BA from Oberlin and studied at Parsons School of Design in Paris. Leeman has participated in over one hundred exhibitions in museums and galleries throughout the United States. Her work has received awards, including grants from the Greater Columbus Arts Council and Vermont Studio Center. The Sharon Weiss Gallery and Charlotte Fine Art Gallery represent her work.

My current work, Darrow’s Words, is exciting for me because I am exploring the language of paint and composition in new ways. Many of these ideas have been germinating for years in response to Kevin Boyle’s book, Arc of Justice. Boyle tells the story of a young professional doctor who is forced from his home in suburban Detroit because he is black. Boyle, in a book talk, claimed that Clarence Darrow, who represented the man in court, believed in the power of words.

In my work, I am starting with the word “word” to create an underlying structure. The process is like yoga or a meditation, where it’s written over and over. I also reference calligraphy artists and Mark Tobey, an artist who studied and used calligraphic line in his abstract paintings. The limited palette is made of colors that combined would create black and white.

The ambition of these works is at attempt to prove that the language of paint can be just as potent as the language of words.

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