Ryan Orewiler

Ryan Orewiler

Mixed Media

Value: $1200
silent auction


“Over the past few years, I’ve been infusing my abstract and representational work. METRO ZAG 39 is one of the first works in this new collection. I’ve combined the graphic urban scenes (and writing) from the 39’53N 83’00W collection and the contemporary METRO series. The Metro series simulates the structure of the urban influence translated into a minimal approach. The 39’53N 83’00W collection depicts Columbus scenes and historical landmarks. Originally, I decided to name the title of the series 39’53N 83’00W for the longitude and latitude of Columbus, Ohio. I researched online for each cities coordinates and found that 39’53N 83’00W represented Columbus. I assumed that the coordinate would represent the center of each city (Broad and High). I later found out that the actual coordinate is the Columbus Museum of Art which (unintentionally) is also an silkscreen in the collection.”

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