Roger Williams

Roger Williams

30″ x 44″
Acrylic on Canvas

Gallery Affiliation: Edge East Gallery
Value: $800
silent auction


Roger Williams is a postmodern artist turned deconstructivist. For the first 20 years of his career, postmodern art was his focus because of his interest in art and technology. In 1999, he decided to start working as a deconstructivist. Deconstruction is a national progression from postmodernism. The academics of postmodern art have been deconstructed to create lots of new energy. The technique is called articulated formal. Frank Gehry is well known for his deconstructivist architecture.

The technique that Roger Williams is articulated formal. The structures have irreverent overlap, layering, and transparencies. In his pieces, large numbers of straight edges are cut out to get the formal lines and mohair rollers are used to lay down transparent glazes. Most of his paintings are large and flat shaped without a frame. Deconstructivist art is an uncrowded art field in Columbus, he is currently the only one located here and has great success with this newer direction.

Unlike Julie Mehretu, he has decided to deconstruct more than abstractions. Subjects may also be portraits, anime, hip hop images, and pop surreal. His subject matters are things and events that define this decade. For example, Lady Gaga, Lunch with Spongebob and the Mona Lisa, Bobble Buddha, Google Happyfaces, and Brush with Greatness.

Roger Williams is also interested in public art. With the Chase 200 grant, he is installing a large mural on West Broad Street in the Hilltop Area of Columbus titled Salvador Dali Google Happy Face deconstructed. This piece is consistent with his current direction as a deconstructivist. With the Ron Pizzuti print grant show, he wants to show deconstructed elephants. The elephants represent the new fountain found in Goodale Park as a localism.

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