Robert Falcone

Robert Falcone

“Humming Birds”
12″ x 9″
Oil on panel
Value: $375

Lindsay Gallery


Robert Falcone has been making music and visual art since the mid 1960’s. He drew cartoons for the Cleveland State newspaper, The Cauldron, and worked in the production and design space at Kent State University. Robert took an art break to pursue his medical career from 1973 – 1987. Falcone has been producing music and visual art continuously since, and recently completed an MFA in Visual Art at The Columbus College of Art and Design. He is represented by Lindsay Gallery.

Currently, as CEO of the Columbus Medical Association and Affiliates, Dr. Robert Falcone works with Central Ohio Physicians and coalitions to champion tangible improvements in community health. His clinical background is in Trauma and Surgical Critical Care.

“I produce art. The medium is sound and might include paint, photograph, sculpture, music, object or a combination. I usually work alone, but occasionally in collaboration. My work tells a story, my story. The story is usually personal, but it could also be your story.”

Robert’s piece “Humming Birds” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of his work at



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