Rachel Stern

Rachel Stern

“Four Rooftops, Victorian Village”
22″ x 30″
Value: $2,000

Sharon Weiss Gallery


Rachel Stern studied at Columbus College of Art and Design. She also attended Studio Art Center International in Florence Italy. She’s exhibited most recently with Sharon Weiss Gallery, Ohio Plen Air Society, Georgian Mansion, Zanesville Museum of Art, and the Ohio State Fair Fine Arts exhibition.

“I am an intuitive and interpretive artist, one who paints my impression of reality on site,” says Rachel. “For me, color, light, form and texture provide the most important elements in a painting. The beauty of the landscape, figure or still life provide the inspiration and energy that enables me to create.

“Since I must manage the constantly changing light on an outdoor scene, I begin by making a graphite sketch, painting quick oil studies on board, canvas, or paper that capture the light and shadow to provide a visual reference. My brush and palette knife move swiftly to capture the light across the composition. As the light changes, I complete one oil study and begin another. These works can be complete paintings or studies for future paintings.”

Rachel’s piece “Four Rooftops, Victorian Village” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15.



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