Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton

“Under Autumn’s Skies”
32.5″ x 41.5″
Oil on canvas
Value: $10,000

Hammond Harkins Galleries

Live Auction


Paul Hamilton was raised in Coco Beach, Florida, where as a young man he sketched birds and fish, knowing early in life that he wanted to be an artist. When the opportunity arose to study at the Columbus College of Art & Design, he moved to Ohio and in 1988 earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting. Enamored by the landscape and changing seasons of his new home, he moved to Ohio permanently. Today Hamilton continues to engage the landscape with fresh eyes, attending to the visual beauty of a location, its sense of place, and the passing of time, cyclical and linear. Hamilton has exhibited extensively throughout the United States, including at the Butler Institute of American Art and David Findlay Galleries in New York. He is a member of both the Columbus Art League and the American Impressionist Society.

“Discovering the poetic beauty, power, and grandeur of our landscape in all her moods has become, for me, a lifelong journey.  Great rolling clouds sweeping across hillsides, the soft silence in the receding sun.  Harmony.  These fleeting aspects of nature, these effects of motion, light, wind, and water, fascinate me…

“It is in these moments that meadows and ponds, alive with chatter and drenched by sunlight, find their place in my paintings.  Narratives of exploration, discovery, and observation, the landscape remains constantly in motion and endless in inspiration.  Painting had become, for me, a means of recording, translating, and communicating the boundless beauty in the world around us.”

Paul’s piece “Under Autumn’s Skies” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of his work at



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