Melissa Vogley Woods

Melissa Vogley Woods

“Atmospheric Span”
19.25″ x 10″ x 2.75″
Scagliola wall sculpture
Value: $2250

Hammond Harkins Galleries


Melissa Vogley Woods received her BFA from Kansas City Art Institute and MFA from The Ohio State University. Vogley Woods is a cross-disciplinary artist focusing on notions of painting with works on canvas, sculpture and performative video.

The plastering technique known as scagliola was developed in the Italian Baroque period and is made from a careful mixture of natural materials including gypsum, lime and raw pigments. A special “mother glue” and Bees wax is added to create the intense colors and patterns that mimic the look and complexities of marble, semi-precious stones, mosaics and inlaid stone. The process is laborious,

complicated and stunning when complete. The unwritten and secretive technique is taught from master craftsman to student via workshops and apprenticeships, and this is how Melissa learned the process.

Melissa takes an experimental path that spans many mediums, but across them all, her work is fundamentally rooted in painting. Engaging in vibrant color, the play of light on natural and man-made forms and undulating surfaces, her work is rooted in abstraction. And yet, there are glimmering references to the figure, the space of landscape, and to the composition found in a still life. She is interested in the form of stacked quilts as a metaphor for things that are hidden, indiscernible, and enigmatic. Architectural elements such as the arch serve as a contrast point where the hard and soft and the present and absent are configured, matched up, molded together or cast apart.

Melissa’s piece “Atmospheric Span” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of her work at



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