Melinda Rosenberg

Melinda Rosenberg

“Lovin’ You Back”
47″ x 18″ x 5″
Chair back, oak and Christmas tree
Value: $2200

Sherrie Gallerie

Live Auction


Melinda Rosenberg has shown extensively and is represented by Sherrie Gallery in Columbus, Haen Gallery in Asheville, North Carolina, CIRCA Gallery in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Tansey Contemporary in Denver and Santa Fe. She has been awarded an Individual Artist Grant numerous times from the Ohio Arts Council and was chosen by the Greater Columbus Arts Council for the Artist in Residency program to go to Dresden Germany for three months. She received her BAE and MFA from The Ohio State University and studied Chinese Language at Fu Jen University in Taipei, Taiwan.

“These pieces are inspired by Chashitsu Architecture, the traditional architecture of the Japanese Tea House,” explains Melinda. “These 14th century tea houses and gardens are a visual extension of the tea ceremony. The purpose of the tea ceremony is to refresh the participants through an appreciation of nature, one another, the present moment and a simple and particular aesthetic. To this end a natural material, such as a tree trunk with branches intact, might serve as a beam in the tea house. Similarly, each piece in the Boat Series contains a natural stick which serves as the core of each piece. Each stick is chosen for its irregularity and natural beauty. The shape of the inner opening and size of the outside form are determined by the stick. To me, the boat form is figural, female and still.”

Melinda’s piece “Lovin’ You Back” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of her work at



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