Meagan Alwood-Karcic

Meagan Alwood-Karcic

24″ x 18″
Watercolor, Gouache, Coffee, Ink on Paper

Value: $450.00
silent auction


Meagan’s work describes the sometimes turbulent journey her life has taken, and her immense awe of the natural world. The subtle but forceful double face expressed in nature continually moves her toward new experiences and influences, and compels her to constant creation. Her work, often vibrant and unusual, fluxes between beauty and darkness. The path she travels in search of integrity and purity, is expressed with each image.

• S H A K Y A M U N I •
“the best things can’t be told ~ there are no words for this realization. And when you utter words in order to refer the mind to it, the danger is that the words will trap you and you won’t go through.”

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