Mark Bush

Mark Bush

“Man with Headphones”
24″ x 18″
Acrylic on canvas
Value: $2000

Hammond Harkins


Mark Bush is a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design. He majored in Fine Arts with an emphasis in representational painting and drawing. His current artistic endeavors explore modern portrait painting.

“As I continue to explore portraiture I am beginning to understand the importance of the image. From the first impression, whether it be striking or inviting, to later contemplation, the image itself becomes one captured moment used to communicate a whole story… Relying on the unbiased eye of the camera, I also utilize the textures in my portraits to depict human truths like age, imperfection, and vulnerability. I focus on light as it falls on these surfaces to further convey the mood and tone of the stories I am telling.”

Mark was chosen as the first recipient of the Denny Griffith Peer to Peer award at Art for Life 2016 and his piece “Man with Headphones” will be featured this year. He is represented by Hammond Harkins Gallery. See more of his work here:



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