Marianna Smith

Marianna Smith

“Still Life with Glass Vessels”
6″ x 9.5″
Value: $1,100

Hayley Gallery


Mariana Smith works with printmaking, miniature painting, and video installation.

Currently, Marianna is collaborating with the multimedia artists and scholars from the USA, Armenia, Germany, and Greece on a project titled “Metamorphosis – The Human Stories.” It is a series of international exhibitions and lectures connecting contemporary art and the global migrant and refugee crisis. This project will expand in 2019-2020 as “Borderlines and Liminal Spaces”—a series of interdisciplinary events centered on the theme of Borders and how the presence of borderlines influences art, social sciences, journalism, literature, history, and immigration studies.

Marianna’s piece “Still Life with Glass Vessels” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15.

This piece is generously donated by Hayley Gallery.



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