Lisa McLymont

Lisa McLymont

“Epione’s Universal Remedy is Love”
39″ x 28″
Acrylic, watercolor pencil, neo-color pastel, graphite, house paint on birch panel
Value: $2400

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Lisa McLymont was born in Manhattan, NY and has called Columbus, Ohio home since the age of ten. Formally educated in graphic design and visual communications, Lisa’s career as a multi-disciplinary artist includes forays into sculpture, metal-work, jewelry design, drawing and painting. Her ongoing series – The Universe Tribe – is focused on identity and inspired by the powerful style of protest posters, the movement of the seasons, and the soft mystery of artists Georgia O’Keefe and Susan Seddon Boulet, from whom she draws inspiration.

Lisa is a graduate of The Ohio State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design through the Department of Design and Visual Communications. She was a 2010 Fellowship Recipient of The Ohio State University Arts Initiative Fellowship for Emerging Artists.

In addition to creating an on-going body of portrait paintings, McLymont works as a Senior Graphic Designer at Equitas Health.

“”Epione’s Universal Remedy is Love,” the most recent addition to my ongoing body of portrait work is called the Universe Tribe,” says Lisa. “She was created as a distant companion to “The Healer”, a piece I created for the 2016 Art for Life Exhibition. Both figures are focused on bringing love and support to people living with illness, though they cannot remove the ill. Glowing from within, these slightly abstracted figures show the universe we each carry inside of us, and help to convey the many ways in which we are all connected.”

Lisa’s piece “Epione’s Universal Remedy is Love” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of her work at



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