Linda Langhorst

Linda Langhorst

“Frenzy On Frenchman Street”
24″ x 28″
Oil on canvas
Value: $1,200

Sharon Weiss Gallery


Linda Langhorst’s imagery centers on musicians and musical towns, especially along the Blues Highway. She currently works primarily in oil. Linda treats her canvas as though it is a kind of tapestry, weaving bits and pieces of paint into a recognizable image. Artist in Residence at Guitar House Workshop in Grandview, OH, Linda now paints at the shop, surrounded by a community of musicians. Additional paintings can be found at Sharon Weiss Gallery (Short North), Pierre Paul Gallery (Ann Arbor) and Guitar House Workshop (Grandview).

“I am a painter. I am drawn to the places where music happens, especially the nooks and crannies where it takes hold of us on a personal level,” says Linda. “New Orleans is full of those kinds of places, where the sheer joy of making music reigns over all else. More than any city I know, NOLA spills her music out into the streets, and everyone is invited to splash and wade in it like little kids. In New Orleans, you play in the music. You live in the music. Music rules in NOLA.”

Linda’s piece “Frenzy On Frenchman Street” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of her work at



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