Linda Gall

Linda Gall

“Old Corral from the Left”
6″ x 9″
Watercolor on paper
Value: $450

Hammond Harkins Galleries


Linda Gall received her BFA and MFA from Rutgers University. Represented by Hammond Harkins Galleries in Columbus, she has been involved administratively with the Columbus art community since moving here in the 1980’s, simultaneously, her artistic career has included extensive exhibitions throughout the Midwest including many Art for Life auctions.

While drawing inspiration from the local, Linda ultimately transcends it through a complex visual dialogue that has social, environmental, and human implications. Decomposing buildings, most recently of abandoned adobe and wood, loom behind genteel porcelain figurines that might have graced Victorian mantelpieces. In contrast to the beautifully aged wood and adobe falling back into the earth, the figurines seem impervious to time.

“Walking the dirt roads in the high desert of New Mexico I became fascinated with the fence posts,” explains Linda. “The cheapest and most efficient way to build them was to use whatever wood was at hand. Trees were sparse and often twisted and stunted from the harsh elements. A random stick could be twisted into the barbed wire to tighten a fence or keep a leaning post from falling. Every post was unique and the aesthetic of the thing against the large barren landscape inspired this series of watercolors.”

Linda’s piece “Old Corral from the Left” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of her work at



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