Lea Gray

Lea Gray

“Purple and Lime Green Succulent Wall Garden”
15″ x 15″
Paper, wood, soil, wire, paint
Value: $275


Lea Gray developed her artistic vision at the Columbus College of Art and Design and has remained in the city to thrive as a professional artist. Within the last ten years, Lea has explored paper as a medium, starting with Origami and Kirigami. Her techniques evolved over time and developed into a more refined, organic approach in creating realistic paper plants and flowers. The intent of the work is to resemble true forms derived from nature, with added styled elements that carry the work beyond its represented form.

Lea continues to gather and explore various local and imported papers to define and refine the look of each plant designed. Soft air clay, paints and even real dirt become the vehicle for each organic approach.

Lea’s piece “Purple and Lime Green Succulent Wall Garden” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15.


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