Laura Jacob

Laura Jacob

8″ x 10″ x 2″
Encaustic, Mixed Media

Gallery Affiliation: Hayley Gallery
Value: $225
silent auction


Laura received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Oil Painting from Bowling Green State University in 1997. While there she fell in love with creating art by hand which is a passion has transformed and stayed with her over the years. Shortly after college Laura moved to Atlanta, Georgia and spent several years working as an art consultant for various galleries. She has always strived to stay connected to her creativity and designed her own handmade greeting card line that sold in stationery shops across Ohio.

After having her daughter six years ago, Laura felt a pull back to her roots as a fine artist and painter. She was seeking a new way to express herself and starting experimenting with mixed media and beeswax collage. This naturally led her to delve into encaustics and she has been teaching herself this ancient art form ever since. Laura says that painting with melted beeswax gives her the ability to combine paper products, paint, ink, beads, threads, pressed flowers and any other small objects that she loves. She spends many a day scouring antique shops for vintage bits of paper and interesting objects to incorporate into her work. Her goal in creating art is to find a link between ordinary life and the bits of magic that can be found in it. Much of her inspiration comes from seeing the world through her little girls’ eyes and the beauty of nature. The result is often ethereal and atmospheric pieces with a nod to vintage illustration and assemblage art.

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