Kris Harrison

Kris Harrison

“Sandusky Landscape”
26″ x 20″
Value: $325


Kris Harrison is a professional designer with over 17 years in visual communication including graphic design, website development, brand and identity development, marketing, social media, photography, UAV video – CCAD alumni and principle partner of Orbit Design in the Short North –

“Sandusky Landscape” is one of a limited series of 6 images produced by an old Nokia camera phone.

The newest ‘vintage photography’ is produced by obsolete mobile phones from the mid-2000s. Well before high definition technology standard in current phones, early camera phones produced images that were unpredictable at best. But when conditions are just right, these cameras had the potential to produce beautiful images with soft edges, saturated color and characteristics that express a painterly image akin to the Diana, Holga, and Lomo. Just as these cameras were once considered low quality due to their imperfection, they are now are beloved for their imperfection – and so it is with the vintage camera phone photos. The photo series titled “Open Road” is produced using the Nokia 6235 produced in 2017.

Kris’s piece “Sandusky Landscape” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of her work at



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