Katerina Harris

Katerina Harris

12″ x 16″
Acrylic on canvas
Value: $200



Katerina Harris is an interdisciplinary artist/administrator/educator with the TRANSIT ARTS youth arts program. Katerina creates images that comment on the world around her through the wonder generated by patterns and colors. Katerina is inspired to show the unique beauty and cadence found in the patterns of those she paints.

“I found my passion as an artist; so brush to canvas I paint,” says Katerina. “Painting colors into existence, watching them frolic on my pallet as I mix them, transforming them in to new. To see the way the different pigments shine and flow across materials brings me so much joy.”

Katerina’s piece “Abandonment” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of her work at katerinaarmeria.com.



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