Kate Morgan

Kate Morgan

16″ x 30″
Collage, gold leaf, ink, acrylic, watercolor & colored pencil on board
Value: $1,250


Multi-award winning mixed media artist Kate Morgan has displayed work from Washington, D.C to Minneapolis with work hanging in domestic and European private collections. Though she works in mixed media now, Kate earned her B.F.A in commercial photography from Columbus College of Art and Design. Born in Syracuse, NY and raised in Columbus, OH, she is also versed in printmaking and ceramics. Kate currently travels the Midwest showing her work while maintaining a studio in Columbus, Ohio.

“Inspired by folklore, mythology and the human form, I use figural subjects to evoke a mysterious familiarity and haunting beauty,” says Kate. “I build layers of collage mixed with my drawings to create depth as well as incorporate history. I focus on historical conception, my love of the spirit as well as the strength of the feminine. I address historical & spiritual themes without necessarily referencing details, allowing them to be familiar and curious to a variety of audiences.”

Kate’s piece “Amend” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of her work at www.katemorganimagedesign.com.



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