Karen Rumora

Karen Rumora

“Inside the Outside”
24″ x 24″
Value: $1,250

Art Access


Karen Rumora is a professional artist and designer who specializes in landscape oil & encaustic paintings. She cofounded the consulting company RumoraStudios with her husband Matt in 2012. Karen has a degree in Industrial Design from The Ohio State University and has been designing environments and painting for nearly 30 years. Inspired during her excursions hiking and cycling through the rural Ohio countryside, she merges realism with abstraction by shifting and intensifying colors, simplifying form and creating a stillness verging on the surreal; engaging visual memories with future visions.

Anchored to her roots in plein air oil painting, Karen continues to explore the natural world using an introspective approach by which she creates fictional vistas. Colors intermingle to spawn an environment of undulating violets, pinks, acidic yellows, layered spaces and light. Her paintings are consumed with morphing forms, and her visions are animated and lean toward the surreal. She

imagines these recent landscapes as a prelude to a dream–the space teetering between reality and wonder.

Karen’s piece “Possibilities” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of her work at karenrumora.com.



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