John Donnelly

John Donnelly

“Koltur Green”
24″ x 48″
Oil on wood panel
Value: $3,000


John Donnelly received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA and Rome, Italy. He received his Master of Fine Arts from Indiana University. He is a professor of art at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. John exhibits his work nationally and internationally, most recently an installation of 1000 of his paintings and drawings stemming from the Faroe Islands. His education includes three residencies fellowships: Skowhegan School of painting and Sculpture, The Vermont Studio Center and The Clipperton Project: Faroe Islands, Norway.

“I sailed aboard a ship built in 1884 along with nine other artists and writers to the Faroe Islands, 250 miles NW of Scotland. There I discovered Koltur Island rising from the sea that seems to recall the beginning of time. The painting, “”Koltur Green”” builds forms of scraped, layered and sanded surfaces that reveal a delightful deterioration of embedded color striations and a history- a visual lapse of time. Consequently there is a descent into a more ambiguous space where form, scale and color push forward challenging their presence yet not melted away either.”

“My paintings and drawings are the pursuit of the transient nature of a place or an event in life. They respond to the resonance of a place. My hope is that they are their own entity and not just point to something else. The surfaces of the paintings become both figurative and literal landscape with the reverberation of a well-weathered wall.

John’s piece “Koltur Green” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of his work at




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