Jimbo Tamoro

Jimbo Tamoro

“Scribble #57”
16″ x 20″
Pen on paper
Value: $350


As a child, a miscreant, Jimbo Tamoro, was taken in and trained by a champion artist, who went so far as to adopt Jimbo into his family after the premature death of his own son. Now, decades later, Jimbo is a skilled artist himself and a monkey trainer in the U.S. Military. Upon the death of his surrogate father and sensei, Jimbo is informed of a mysterious, no-holds barred, highly illegal arts tournament in Columbus, OH known only as the kumite. At the bidding of his sensei and against direct orders from his military superiors Jimbo travels to Columbus, OH to participate and uphold his master’s honor. In order to succeed not only will he have to win the tournament; he must also evade capture by two military police sent to arrest him and the prying questions of a nosy reporter eager for a story.

“I am trying to express myself visually to whomever will be my audience. I ultimately look to dedicate my current art as an exploration of lines (hatching, crosshatching, scribbles, etc…) and what something so simple can accomplish.”

Jimbo’s piece “Scribble #57” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of his work at www.instagram.com/jimbo3378/.



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