Jeff Stahler

Jeff Stahler

“Frisbee in the Park”
12″x 16″
Value: $700

Sharon Weiss Gallery


Jeff Stahler is an award-winning syndicated cartoonist (‘Moderately Confused’ and editorial cartoons) and plein air watercolorist. Jeff graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design. His watercolor art is represented by the Sharon Weiss Gallery. He has exhibited with the Central Ohio Watercolor Society, Ohio Watercolor Society, Ohio Plein Air Society, and Central Ohio Plein Air.

“Jab, poke, stick, skewer, prod, pinch, slice, dice, lambaste, lampoon, belittle, slap, wallop, ridicule, scorn, mourn, embrace, criticize, satirize and eulogize. This is the unique language best describes my 30+ year cartooning career. I figure the same with the influence of my plein air watercolor work as well.”

Jeff’s piece “Frisbee in the Park” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15.



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