Harry Wozniak

Harry Wozniak

48″ x 24″
Oil on Canvas

Gallery Affiliation: Marcia Evans Gallery
Value: $3400
silent auction


Born in in Buffalo, NY in 1957, Harry Wozniak is an autodidact who began his explorations with art at age twelve, encouraged by his father’s pastel and watercolor paintings, his grandmother’s ceramics, and his mother’s love of fashion and interior design. Influenced by Cubism and early 20th-Century modernism, Harry’s work has evolved into a unique visual language of fragmentation, dislocation, movement and energy punctuated by intense, saturated color. His work represents an assertion of a sense of style through an idiosyncratic interpretation of his subject, often connecting personal history with his love of Art Deco and 1940’s through Mid-Century film and fashion. He creates still life and genre vignettes peopled by characters and objects often associated with hedonistic aspects of life. These visual stories are at times playful, at others fraught with innuendo, ambiguous, yet mainly concerned with getting at the character of the subject or situation than any literal reality. His work is included in numerous private and corporate collections in New York, Boston, Columbus OH, Buffalo NY, Asheville NC, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, California, and London.



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