Dennison Griffith

Dennison Griffith

“Soliloquy #39”
40 x 30″
Encaustic on panel
Value: $3,500

Hammond Harkins Galleries


Dennison W. “Denny” Griffith was the third President of the Columbus College of Art & Design from 1998-2014.  He served as Deputy Director at the Columbus Museum of Art from 1988-1998, Executive Director of the Ohio Foundation for the Arts, publisher of Dialogue, and the Individual Artists Program Coordinator for the Ohio Arts Council from 1978-1983. He received a master’s degree from The Ohio State University in 1994 and a bachelor’s degree from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1974.

Denny was a grants panelist for various agencies including the National Endowment for the Arts, the Ohio Arts Council, and the Illinois Arts Council.  He served as curator for exhibitions at the Cleveland Institute of Art, the Columbus Museum of Art, the University of Cincinnati, and the Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery.  He also served as juror for numerous exhibitions at institutions. ‘

“First, as an artist I am a formalist. Whether working in oil & encaustic, acrylics and graphite on paper, in photography, or composing a large-scale temporary installation using commercially-manufactured snow fence I approach the development of the work as a formal exercise, mostly uncoupled from narrative.  Whether painting, drawing, taking photos or doing sculpture I’m usually trying to explore all the possible options the material provides by determining a set of rules to follow, then coaxing as many different possibilities from that rule-set as I can, over time, as the work develops and evolves.  It’s art about art, not about storytelling.

“Ultimately, the improvised arrangement of formal visual elements lies at the core of my creative practice.  I’m in hot pursuit of beauty, but I want it to rise up out of abstraction, or oddity, or tension between visual elements that at first appear to compete but then actually embrace.”

Denny’s piece “Soliloquy #39” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of his work at



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