Clara Crockett

Clara Crockett

11″ x 14″
Graphite on Arches
Value: $550

Art Access Gallery


Clara Crockett lives and works in Ridgewood, Happy Camp, CA and Columbus, OH as a performance and visual artist.

“Preferring the small, paper provides me with a studio of amazing privacy,” says Clara. “I focus the space, play with it, reflect, order, touch and mark the rhythm of light and dark quality of line, the struggle of definition-refinement and the sureness of the unexpected left untouched. The world of the drawing becomes a small stage where the performance evokes unlikely encounters, surprising relationships and tragicomic participation, ‘uncomfortable little stories.'”

“To remember silence, to not speak for others while allowing myself the privilege and luxury of simply not speaking, keeping still, I draw, listening as the stories unfold.”

Clara’s piece “Whee” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15.



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