Chad Cochran

Chad Cochran

16″ x 17″ x 14″
Mixed Media

Value: $450
silent auction


Chad Cochran was born and raised in the small town of Fredericktown, Ohio. Wanting nothing more than to escape his rural upbringing, Chad attended Bowling Green State University, and eventually made his way to Columbus. Missing the connection to small town life, Chad began taking photographs of the rustic landscapes which surrounded him as a child. His fascination with decaying barns, homes, and vintage signs provide him with the connection to the small town he grew up in.

“Growing up in rural Ohio, I see beauty in our surrounding landscapes. As our cities expand outward, these properties are encroached upon and dwindle. Decaying barns, farms, and homes, continue to tell stories, even after they are gone. Through my work, I hope to conjure memories and help create new stories for future generations.”

Cochran has had his work in Rolling Stone, as well as featured in the major motion picture movie, “Jenny’s Wedding.”

Cochran currently resides in Cleveland (Bay Village), Ohio.

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