Austin Young

Austin Young

“Portrait of Alex Budin”
16″ x 20″
Digital print on Matte paper
Value: $1,000

Live Auction


Austin Young lives and works in Los Angeles. The foundation of his career is from studying at Parsons in Paris. Early in his career, Austin transferred his interests from traditional portrait painting towards a long celebrated career in portrait photography. In many ways, Austin is more accurately described as an image-maker: his projects illustrate the sublime qualities of character that make celebrated people unique.

Based on a nuanced visual language of pop-culture iconography, his trademark style and techniques have captured a broad palette of musicians, artists and celebrities including Debbie Harry, Leigh Bowery and Margaret Cho, among others. Austin is co-founder of Tranimal Workshop, a participatory, open-source series of events deconstructing gender and identity. Austin is co-founder of Fallen Fruit, a contemporary art collective that uses fruit as a material for projects that investigate the hyper-synergistic qualities of collaboration.

This is a portrait of transgender man, Alex Budin. In multiple bodies of work, Austin confuses personality and identity issues in confrontational and unapologetic image making about people who often split gender roles, stereotypical constraints and socially-constructed identities. Austin creates works of art that are transgressive about subjective qualities and embolden prescribed meaning with an acute focus on honesty and narrative representations of the real.

Austin’s piece “Portrait of Alex Budin” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of his work at



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