Ashley Pierce

Ashley Pierce

“Lunar Pull”
36″ x 36″
Water color, colored pencil, dremel
Value: $3500

Lindsay Gallery


Ashley D. Pierce is a self-taught mixed media artist who creates works on wood utilizing watercolor, colored pencil and a Dremel tool. The unique style of her work explores the artist’s introspection while also allowing the viewer to create their own narrative and dialog with each piece. Ashley is represented by Lindsay Gallery in Columbus, Ohio and has shown in a wide variety of group shows and solo exhibitions.

“I use my art to navigate my life and often find putting the pen to the wood is like talking to an old friend to work out a problem,” says Ashley. “I start with an idea and create a very loose sketch on wood. It’s not until I start inking the drawing in until I know if it will work out or not.

Ashley’s piece “Lunar Pull” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15. See more of her artwork at



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