Alan Crockett

Alan Crockett

“Event (for D.G.)”
36″ x 20″
Oil on canvas
Value: $1,200

Art Access Gallery


“With my work I try to put myself in an uncomfortable place that raises questions such as who am I, where am I, what will I make and where will my paintings take me?” says Alan Crockett. “These questions challenge me to play with the process of the paintings making and the way this creates a symbiotic relationship between drawing and painting that allows for open, provocative, awkwardly uncomfortable and seemingly unresolved spaces within the painting-a painterly version of hide and seek.  This process amplifies the questions presented by the paintings and one’s need to stay and play.”

Alan Crockett lives in Ridgewood, NY; Happy Camp, CA; and Columbus, OH. An emeritus associate professor of art at Ohio State University, he graduated from the San Franciso Art institute, BFA 1973, MFA 1975.

Alan’s piece “Event (for D.G.)” will be featured in Art for Life on September 15.



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